Collection: Tinctures

Healing plant and mushroom extracts made with alcohol, organic glycerine, water, gentle heat and time.

Slow steeped and dual extracted in small batches, lovingly by hand.

Direct from the forest, to the jar, to the bottle in your hands. I pour your tincture from the jar once you place your order, allowing them to steep for the longest amount of time, creating the highest possible potency. See video below for what it looks like when I fill your order.

Where ever possible the plants and mushrooms in these tinctures have been harvested locally, and ethically from their wild home. In other cases they are cultivated skillfully by small scale producers, grown at home or bought from organic farms. Where and how I source my ingredients is a key difference that sets my tinctures apart from larger commercial products.

Check out each individual listing to see their unique healing properties and what each tincture was designed for.

If you would like to deep dive into how best to incorporate medicinal mushrooms into your life, to support your mental and spiritual well being, you can book a consultation with me here.