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Liver & Digestion Tincture

Liver & Digestion Tincture

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Wild Stinging Nettle tops, Dandelion flowers, organic Milk Thistle seeds and Burdock root slow steeped and dual extracted in alcohol, water and organic glycerine.

It is rare for me to make a tincture blend with more than two plants, but these plants work so well in synergy together it makes sense to team them up.

All of these plants support the liver and kidneys. Their bitter taste aids sluggish digestion. If you take this tincture for digestive support I suggest taking 2 droppers full before meals. Dandelion is rich in inulin, which helps feed the right bacteria in your lower digestive tract.

These plants are high in minerals. This blend helps boost and cleanse blood. I originally created this tincture for friends and clients in recovery from alcohol addiction. Milk Thistle is a beautiful ally here as it helps the liver to regenerate new cells. Over time I ended up sharing this blend with clients who were experiencing sluggish digestion, as it works for this purpose as well.

All tinctures include a dosing card as well as instructions on the bottle.

If you would like more information on how to weave Liver and Digestion tincture into your wellness routine you can book a free consultation with me here.

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