Collection: Salves & Oils

Herbal skin and body care remedies made with herb infused organic sunflower oil and local beeswax.

All the ingredients in my salves and oils are either organic, sustainably harvested from the wild, or grown in my garden. Organic sunflower oil hosts a strong infusion of healing herbs, visibly rich in colour. I rarely use heat to infuse my oils, opting instead of the steady potency of time. Most of my oils are steeped for months before they are strained and thickened with fragrant beeswax.

Salves are an ancient healing technology, designed with simple ingredients to bring healing to the body through the skin. Each one is made with a specific purpose in mind. If you read each description you will see what they are intended for. Each of these recipes has been tested by me, my family and clients over the years. They feature simple, thoughtful formulations that work.

If you are seeking personalized support for how to best include healing oils and plants into your self care, you can book a consultation with me here.