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Mullein Flower Ear Oil

Mullein Flower Ear Oil

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Organic sunflower oil infused from summer to late fall with dried mullein flowers .

I have found this oil to work well, quickly and consistently. I received a small bottle of mullein flower oil in a trade years ago and it lasted me years. I recently gave that bottle away to a family member who needed it. He experienced great results.

I knew I would keep relying on this remedy, so I made more. Enough to share with you.

I'm grateful I had the opportunity to harvest in the beautiful garden at the Sointula Art Shed. I also received some of these flowers in trade from the BC interior.

To use this oil you can drop it directly into your ears and rub it gently, or put it on a Qtip and into your ear. It also works well in compliment with ear candling or warm steam.

1 oz bottle.

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