My name is Andi Rose and I am the creator behind Smoke and Forage: wild remedies that work. I am a single mama and working witch. I have lived in rural and remote communities in the Kootenays and wild Pacific North Coast since 2014. I've been learning and living my herbalism practice since 2009, though I began Smoke & Forage in 2018.

make remedies, teach classes and offer consultations to clients. My practice focuses on local medicines, mental health, every-day life, holistic contraception and the motherhood continuum. I am also a birth worker and you can check out my practice at www.mooncyclewombcare.ca.

My healing work is rooted in science, mysticism and ancestral connection.
Everything I offer is woven to the land I harvest from.

My work follows an ethic of non-judgement and harm reduction. I learned harm reduction through a mix of experiences in BC's electronic music festival scene, and also through activism in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. I also work with youth, including managing youth centers, teaching in schools, and being a support worker for high risk youth in the foster system.