Collection: Skin Care

I have dry sensitive skin that is prone to redness. Rosacea runs in my family and my mother and I are both typically reactive to most commercial skin care products.

I have been making herbal skin care for over a decade and it has improved the health of my skin immensely.

My favourite herbs to work with for skin care are: roses (petals and hips), plantain and comfrey leaves, chickweed for sunscreen and St John's wort, dandelion, and fireweed for my wild flower body oil. I also love working with homegrown calendula petals. All of these leaves and flowers are harvested locally from the wild around me, or grown at home in my garden. These plants are easy to grow and harvest. They grow abundantly.

Roses are my personal favourite for skin care, for both their softening and protective qualities.

For a number of reasons, I rarely use essential oils in my herbal practice, but I do use Rose Oil from Natural Beauty Skin Care in my skin care products. This is a small company in North Vancouver and I trust their exceptional product quality for my sensitive skin.