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Wild Mushroom Fire Cider

Wild Mushroom Fire Cider

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🔥Fire Cider boosts the immune system, aids digestion and fights off colds and flus. 🤧

Originally popularized by Rosemary Gladstar (my first herbalism teacher), Fire Cider is an oxymel, meaning it is an infusion made with vinegar and honey. This Fire Cider utilizes a 1:1 ratio of strongly infused apple cider vinegar, to organic honey. It is sweet, spicy and pungent.

Fire Cider is an herbalism staple and is one of the remedies people commonly learn when starting their journey into the world of plants. It is considered a culinary or food medicine. It can be taken straight (in a spoon or shot glass) or added to meals.

The ingredients in this blend are a bit unusual. They are: 
grapefruit, red onion, ginger, garlic, habanero peppers, red belted poly pore, turkey tail mushrooms, fennel seeds, sage, wild cherry bark, fresh dill, dandelion root, stinging nettle infused apple cider vinegar (I make this every spring)

This blend will act a bit more like a cough syrup than a usual fire cider, mostly because of the wild cherry bark.

This batch will be shelf stable for about 6 months, and can be kept in the fridge for several years. Fire Cider is a culinary medicine, so it can be taken straight in a shot glass or from a spoon, or added to meals.

2 oz

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